Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Edible Book Festival 2012

Another year, another Edible Books Festival.  As always, we had so many ideas it was hard to narrow them down.  Lots of groaning, frustration, laughter and food play finally yielded the following entries:
 "Freud's 'On Narcissism'"
This was made with Jello and and fruit roll-up stencil.
"Mix'd Weenies"
This ode to our favorite publishers McSweeneys was made out of cut up hot dogs and pepperoni. 

"The Chronicles of Naania"
Thanks to puncontrollable fan Thaddeus for the inspiration!  We used naan bread for the letters and stenciled with various spices for the lion.  

"Puddin' on the Ritz"
This ode to Fred Astaire was created with chocolate pudding and ritz crackers on some swanky dishes.

While we didn't place in the "Most Punderful" category, we are proud to say that our "Mix'd Weenies" entry did win a bronze for "Most Appetizing" (gasp!).  Once all of the judging, oohing and ahhing was completed, everyone dug in and ate the entries.  You'd be surprised how tasty chocolate pudding is on a ritz!
 Can't wait 'til next year!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Edible Book Festival 2011

Puncontrollable participated in the Edible Books Festival for the third time this year.  We have been so busy lately, we almost weren't able to do it, but we sure are glad we did!  You may remember some of our past entries from 2009 and 2010.

Here are our entries for this year:

"Still Life with Woodpecker"

by Tom Raw beans

"The Seitanic Verses"

by Salmon Rushdie

And finally:

"Just Kids"

by Meat Patti Smith

We can't wait until next year!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

20 Most Painfully Punning Album Titles of All Time

according to Q magazine:

1. There’s a Whole Lalo Schifrin Going On - Lalo Schifrin
2. A Salt with a Deadly Pepper – Salt ‘N Pepa
3. You Can Tune a Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish – REO Speedwagon
4. Black & Dekker – Desmond Dekker
5. Tripping the Live Fantastic – Paul McCartney
6. Allman & Woman – Cher & Greg Allman
7. Sex Cymbal – Sheila E
8. Deep Sea Skiving – Bananarama
9. Orbisongs – Roy Orbison
10. Fishcoteque – Jazz Butcher
11. Piece of Mind – Iron Maiden
12. Subs Standard – UK Subs
13. Eat Me In St Louis – It Bites
14. Nursery Cryme – Genesis
15. Aladdin Sane – David Bowie
16. ‘Til Deaf Us Do Part – Slade
17. Licensed to Ill – Beastie Boys
18. Beginning of the Enz – Split Enz
19. Tongue in Chic – Chic
20. Cunning Stunts – Caravan

Pretty interesting list, any you would like to add to it?

Thanks to Nate for bringing this to our attention!

Monday, November 29, 2010


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! We are definitely concerned about the environment, and that's why most of our designs are printed on upcycled items and many of our designs are nature-oriented.  I think Mother Earth must love puns too, there are just so many great puns with animals, plants, geology.... What kinds of nature puns can you "unearth" today?


Monday, April 19, 2010

Edible Book Festival Report

Last week we participated in the Seattle Edible books Festival.  It was a ton of fun.  We went a little overboard and made five entries (Ernest Hamingway is above).  Our entry "Little Hows on the Pear E" won the silver award in the "Most Pun-derful" category!
We had a lot of fun perfecting and eating our "Don Quiche-ote" entry, yum!  All in all, the event was a success.  Seeing all of the other entries was really inspiring.  There were so many clever ideas and yummy-looking creations.  There was even an "Origin of the Reese's"--our personal favorite since we have a weakness for peanut butter and chocolate.  

We can't wait til next year!  What edible books would you create?  See more pictures from the event on our facebook page.