Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Edible Book Festival 2012

Another year, another Edible Books Festival.  As always, we had so many ideas it was hard to narrow them down.  Lots of groaning, frustration, laughter and food play finally yielded the following entries:
 "Freud's 'On Narcissism'"
This was made with Jello and and fruit roll-up stencil.
"Mix'd Weenies"
This ode to our favorite publishers McSweeneys was made out of cut up hot dogs and pepperoni. 

"The Chronicles of Naania"
Thanks to puncontrollable fan Thaddeus for the inspiration!  We used naan bread for the letters and stenciled with various spices for the lion.  

"Puddin' on the Ritz"
This ode to Fred Astaire was created with chocolate pudding and ritz crackers on some swanky dishes.

While we didn't place in the "Most Punderful" category, we are proud to say that our "Mix'd Weenies" entry did win a bronze for "Most Appetizing" (gasp!).  Once all of the judging, oohing and ahhing was completed, everyone dug in and ate the entries.  You'd be surprised how tasty chocolate pudding is on a ritz!
 Can't wait 'til next year!


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