Sunday, May 10, 2009

Congratulations, Un Phở Gettable!

Our second Pun Award goes to Un Phở Gettable.  Seattle sure loves itself some phở, and why shouldn't we?  It's fast.  It's cheap.  It's served in giant bowls.  And, well, it's phở-cking everywhere.  So, when Margaret and I were struck with sudden hunger while on our way to hit the great north Aurora thrift shop circuit this weekend, we couldn't resist stopping in to grab some Vietnamese cuisine and hand a Punny to the proprietors of Un Phở Gettable, clearly our favorite Seattle phở restaurant name.  It was a slow Saturday afternoon when we arrived at the Greenwood Ave and Holman Rd strip mall establishment.  So, we took a moment to hand the proprietor their award, describe what it is Puncontrollable does and praise them on the excellent choice of business name before ordering our food.  Thanks, Un Phở Gettable, for making us smile every time we pass by.  Here's Margaret enjoying her teriyaki.  Yum!


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